Grenache 2019

A friend of ours has called Grenache “Washington’s Pinot Noir” for years. We’d tend to agree. It’s a finicky, late-ripening variety that, when well-sited, manages to capture Pinot’s sense of freshness and elegance but with a bit more depth and a sexy, satin texture that’s irresistible. Ours are the oldest vines in the state, coming from the first Grenache planted at Upland Vineyard in the early-70’s. Superlative and full of distinct character, the site is a marvelous standard-bearer for what the grape is capable of in Washington.
The 2019 Old Vine Grenache is an almost crystalline, ruby hue.  The aromas are expansive and lifted: rose petal, red raspberry and cherry, cranberry cordial and orange zest.  The palate is penetrating but lush, with mouthwatering fruit intermingling with salinity, white pepper and exotic spice.  The finish is deep and lengthy: minerality, sea salt, iodine and fresh raspberries.  Beautiful texture throughout. This is the first, and only, of the 2019 reds that we’re releasing this year…and that’s absolutely intentional. We loved the freshness and intensity that has developed as it’s grown in barrel and wanted to be able to capture that vibrancy in bottle.  And, frankly, we wanted some for the Summer! 

COST: $27