Our Wines

We believe that the two most compelling aspects of wine, varietal character and site expression, are at their fullest in a balanced wine, unadorned with excessive oak, additives or high alcohol. We strive for fresh-fruited, savory wines that say something about where they’re from and make agreeable dinner companions. We use healthy fruit from high-altitude, rocky sites and try as much as possible to get out of the way once it’s picked. We don’t use enzymes or concentrates, nor do we take shortcuts. Just yeast, grapes and carefully considered intention every step of the way. That’s it.

Viognier 2020

In Washington, well-draining soils, dry climate and extremely cool nights produce Viognier that, at its best, rival the combination of textural richness and minerality found in the best French examples. This high altitude site has an amazing ability to express a delightful combination of intense floral, citrus and stonefruit characteristics, honeyed textural richness and racy minerality. We whole-cluster press ours and age it on gross lees for 6-8 months after fermentation, enriching the texture and expanding the mineral presence.

The Bos 2019

The Bos is named after Peter Bos, a 40 year Washington wine veteran, most recently as an instructor at the Northwest Wine Academy. A master at managing misfit barrels and cantankerous lots, Peter taught us, and a small army of winemakers, the fine art of using blending to make a wine greater than the sum of its parts. For The Bos, we take our misfit barrels and use them to make a wine emblematic of Washington, supremely drinkable and full of texture.

2019 Grenache

A friend of ours has called Grenache “Washington’s Pinot Noir” for years. We’d tend to agree. It’s a finicky, late-ripening variety that, when well-sited, manages to capture Pinot’s sense of freshness and elegance but with a bit more depth and a sexy, satin texture that’s irresistible.

Syrah 2019

Washington Syrah is something special. A unique blend of dark, vibrant fruit and savory, meaty character, it manages to walk the proverbial Washington line between the mineral depth of France and the bold fruited Californian examples. Boushey Vineyard is among the oldest Syrah plantings in the state, and undoubtedly one of its most iconic. Higher than almost any other Syrah site in Yakima Valley, it’s wild, seductive and fresh, showing why many winemakers view Syrah as Washington’s crown jewel.

2019 Malbec

Every year, we fall more in love with this block of Malbec on Red Mountain, and judging by how long it lasts at the winery we aren’t alone! Scooteney shows a distinct talent for walking a delicate tightrope between the Old and New World; somewhere between the massive fruit and silky texture of Argentina and the firm structure, freshness and balance of the French examples. The wine that emerges here is deeply colored, floral, bright and incredibly intense.

The Fanatic 2021

The Albariño that makes up The Fanatic comes from Dutchman Vineyard, representing one of the highest-altitude plantings of white grapes in the Yakima Valley. Dutchman sits on rocky, pre-Missoula Flood soils and is cooler than the vast majority of sites in the Yakima Valley. It’s the rare site that produces Albariño whose core is very traditional, but made more complex with accents of fruit pith and deep minerality.

Rose 2021

Is there anything more perfect than sitting outside on a Summer evening, breeze in the air, water shimmering, the late afternoon light filtering through a glistening glass of pink deliciousness?  At its best, Rosé is “Summer in a glass.”

Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

There may not be a more perfect combination of site and variety in Washington than Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Mountain. Known for producing dense, assertive and savory examples of the grape, we’ve always found something special in what happens in dense plantings of Scott Williams’ Kiona Vineyards: a unique combination of powerful richness so characteristic of the AVA, but with a textural silkiness and freshness unique to the plantings there.

Coalesce 2019

If Bordeaux has taught us one thing, it’s that there is something special in the way Cabernet and Merlot combine with Petit Verdot into something greater than the sum of its parts. And there’s also something special about the way each of these varieties expresses itself on Red Mountain, holding onto their European sense of herbs, freshness and minerality, while bringing a power and density that’s completely Washington. Harmonious, balanced, each adding a unique personality, these varieties Coalesce into a wine that’s Pure Red Mountain.